BWSR Mixes

Shooting Star Native Seeds is under contract with the State of Minnesota to supply BWSR (MN Board of Water and Soil) seed mixes for wetland restoration projects throughout Minnesota.

Those who are eligible to order using this contract are CPV members and state agencies, such as the Departments of Corrections, Public Safety, Administration, Transportation, Human Services, Minnesota Veterans homes, etc. The organizations that are CPV members include the MET Council which includes the Met. Transit Commission and the Met Airports commission, all the state colleges, the U of M, cities, counties, and towns, etc. Purchases may be done by direct purchase order (DPO) to Shooting Star Native Seeds.

These mixes may also be purchased for restoration projects outside of the contract.

Please contact us via telephone, fax, or e-mail for pricing.

Projects may call for one of the MN State Mixes or one of the older BWSR mixes listed below.

Temporary Mixes

Mixture UT1 (Upland Temporary)
Mixture WT1 (Wetland Temporary)

Wetland Mixes

Mixture W1 (Native Emergent/Wetland Fringe)
Mixture W2 (Native Sedge/Wet Meadow)
Mixture W3 (Native Wet Prairie)
Mixture W4 (Native Swale & Ditch)
Mixture W5 (Wetland Fringe)
Mixture W6 (Native Wet Prairie)
Mixture W7 (Wetland Fringe/Shoreland Buffer)
Mixture W8 (Storm Water Pond)

Riparian Mix

Mixture R1 (Native Riparian & Floodplain)

Upland Mixes

Mixture U1 (Native NW MN Mesic Tall-Grass Prairie)
Mixture U2 (Native NW MN Short-Grass Prairie)
Mixture U3 (Native SW MN Mesic Tall-Grass Prairie)
Mixture U4 (Native SW MN Short-Grass Prairie)
Mixture U5 (Native SE MN Mesic Tall-Grass Prairie)
Mixture U6 (Native Dry Short-Grass Bluff and Sand Prairie)
Mixture U7 (Native Savanna and Woodland Edge)
Mixture U8 (Native Mesic Prairie)
Mixture U9 (Native Dry Prairie)
Mixture U10 (Native Berm)
Mixture U11 (Native Grassland Swale)
Mixture U12 (Construction/Disturbed Area)
Mixture U13 (DNR NE MN Dry – Forest Opening)
Mixture U14 (DNR NE MN Trail ROW – Forest Edge)
Mixture U15 (Native General Roadside – Tall Mesic Prairie)
Mixture U16 (Native General Roadside – Mid-Height Prairie)
Mixture U17 (Native General Roadside – N MN Woodland Edge)