The Source-Identified Native Seed Program is designed to assure that the proper identity of native grasses and wildflowers is maintained through all phases of seed production. Seed which is certified through this program is marked with a yellow tag. The location where the material was originally collected from native stands (genetic origin) is indicated on the certification label. Source-identified materials are comprised of the least selected germplasm and are considered to be genetically diverse.

Certified seed is often required by government agencies for highway roadside re-vegetation and other projects to ensure that the planting materials are adapted to appropriate climatic conditions.

The certification process consists of several steps through which a state’s crop improvement agency verifies that seed and plant production meets the agencies’ standards. Steps include seed source verification, inspection of seed production sites and seed testing.

Shooting Star Native Seeds is a member of the Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin Crop Improvement Agencies and certifies the majority of the species produced through the source-identified program.

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